Gene Mosley

Behavior Change Speaker

Gene Mosley’s adolescent years were like many of the young kids he now tries to rescue and develop into successes.

He grew up in a fatherless home on the mean streets of inner-city Houston. His demons included drugs, skipping school, and disrespecting his teachers and even his mother because at his core he blamed himself for his father’s departure. He failed the second grade. His love of smoking and stealing with friends of similar desolation led to him skipping most of the sixth and seventh grade, and he went on to fail the eighth grade. Ironically, it wasn’t until he physically assaulted his high school basketball coach that he got the break he now wants to give every other young adult like him – or at least like he was. As a former at-risk youth, he has lived the challenges that he sees in many of the faces he encounters today – succeeding in school, conquering fear, overcoming rejection, staring down negative peer pressure, beating poverty, battling anxiety and depression. He is passionate about sharing his experiences that so many others go through. Shaking off the at-risk youth label and replacing it with All-American Collegiate Scholar, Two-Time College Graduate, Certified Teacher, and Certified Behavior Change Specialist is a good start.

He believes that society favors the prepared mind and that today’s at-risk youth and non-at-risk youth, can be just as successful as anybody else if they truly commit themselves to doing their best while pursuing their goals and dreams. Gene uses the valuable life lessons he learned on his journey to success to teach today’s youth in Middle Schools, High Schools, and Juvenile Detention Centers the steps and universal principles he used to become successful. His mission is to inspire them to stay in school in order to give themselves a chance at a prosperous adult life. He believes the keys to doing so are education, personal responsibility, a positive attitude, self-discipline, productive-decisions, perseverance, communication, persistence, goal-setting, forgiveness, and living a drug-free life. As a Behavior Change Motivational Speaker, he demonstrates practical self-assessment skills and tools that today’s at-risk youth and non-at-risk youth can apply to their lives through his strategically-crafted keynotes and empowerment workshops. His goal is to help them discover how to create a successful life.




Become a Valuable Success Story


A Valuable Success Story is an individual who has become successful despite the tough opposition in their life. That individual then uses the experiences, lessons, steps, and tactics they learned during their journey to success to help others become successful. That individual does this because they can empathize with the struggles that others are enduring as they try to become successful. This is Gene’s mission as a Valuable Success Story who understands the many challenges that at-risk youth face that make it difficult for them to succeed in both the classroom and everyday life. However, regardless of their situation, he knows from personal experience that at-risk youth seeing their own value is the very first step in changing their lives for the better. Gene’s goal in this Becoming a Valuable Success Story keynote is to help at-risk youth see their personal value and to teach them how to use self-assessment so that they can become self-aware of unproductive attitudes and behaviors that will be detrimental to their success, enabling them to replace them with productive attitudes and behaviors that will allow them to succeed. This is NOT a lecture; it’s a very transparent and practical message delivered with passion, humor and purpose.

The keynote will enable your youth to:

Learn how to overcome self, circumstance, and other’s opposition with self-assessment

Learn how to use self-assessment to understand their emotions, attitudes, and behaviors

Enhance their emotional and social intelligences with self-assessment

Learn how to create self-knowledge based conflict resolution action plans

Become aware of their own empathetic awareness

Learn what the effects that alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs have on the human body

Learn how to create a productive self-knowledge based action plans and why they are significant

Better understanding of the benefits of education and the impact it will have on their future


Become A Valuable Success Story Workshop

Become A Valuable Success Story Workshop is an interactive behavior change program that will provide instructions on how to deal with real-life scenarios in multiple environments and the workforce. The program will focus on helping students build their self-worth so that they can succeed in achieving their goals and dreams. They will learn how to use self-assessment to develop self-knowledge based action plans that will help them reach their full potential in the classroom and other areas of their lives.  This program is designed to focus on empowering youth by giving them tools that will allow them to replace unproductive behaviors with productive behaviors so they can be successful in their everyday lives.

The Become A Valuable Success Story Workshop include:

Building self-worth through effective self-assessment

Emotional Intelligence Awareness

Social Intelligence Awareness

Building self-knowledge based action plans

Extracting valuable life lessons from past experiences

Learning how to use the self-worth building formula

Basic Storytelling Skill Development

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Additional clients include

  • Youth Village Juvenile Detention Center

  • Medlock Juvenile Detention Center

  • Upward Bound

  • Benbrook Middle High School

  • Cafe Momentum
  • Fred Florence Middle School Young Men’s Leadership Academy
  • Sterling Aviation High School
  • Drug Prevention Resources
  • Letot Juvenile Detention Center

  • Farmersville Middle School

  • Inspiration Masters
  • Nehemiah Worship Center

  • Exponential Heights Corporation
  • Guyer High School
  • University of North Texas College of Business
  • Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy
  • Red Oak High School


Mr. Mosley, I really appreciate you and your understanding of the youth  that we work with at the Dallas County Juvenile department. Your creation of the Hour of Empowerment Program has helped over 30 young men. Your speaking at the Youth Village and Medlock campus has positively effected the lives of over 100 young men.
I really enjoy watching you work with the young men (12 to 17 years of age in the HOE classes. How you relate to them, how they relate to you and how you get them to overcome their fears and speak in front of their peers is life changing.

Jerry Silhan

Former Program Director, Youth with Faces

Gene’s talk at Youth Village Juvenile Detention Center during his hour of empowerment program intrigued the young men residing in the facility. They listened very intently and asked several questions, with the most important question being, “When are you coming again?” I think your telling story captures the emotions of many and your presence inspires the young men who need positive influences the most. Carissa Levingston

Administrative Assistant , Youth with Faces

Thank you Gene!! The students absolutely loved it your presentation!!! A lot of them had wonderful things to say about you and all you shared with them. I am very glad you got to talk to them. Thank you for sharing your time with us. I would definitely recommend you to the staff I work with at the high schools and the drug prevention programs! Apphia Bulus

TRio Educational Advisor , Upward Bound

Awesome Presentation! There are not enough people willing to do the work that you do. To be able to relate to these kids and forge a relationship to change their lives is truly changing the world. I believe you can make a genuine impact in the lives of at-risk youth. Kaitlin Philley

Member, Mansfield Kiwanis

Gene, it was great listening to your story. It was a reminder of my own childhood with an absent father. I’m thankful to God for putting your substitute teacher in your life. I was blessed to have strategic folks placed in my life as well. May God Bless your work. William Brewer

Member, Southlake Kiwanis

“I hired Gene Mosley to speak at my event on August 24th, 2016 at the Biryanni Grill. Gene Mosley gave an excellent speech for the engagement. He was prompt and was on topic. The crowd was engaged as he linked the stories about his High School basketball experience and his near fatal incident consuming too much of an energy. He inspired the audience as he reminded them to  always  remember their way in tough times.  Afterwards, the crowd gave him  a standing ovation. I would thoroughly refer him for other speaking engagements.” David Dean CEO of Exponential Heights Corporation
David Dead

CEO of Exponential Heights Corporation

“Gene Mosley’s talk with our group was very uplifting and inspiring. We work with a group of inner-city at-risk youth and keeping them engaged and entertained can at times be a challenging task. Gene was very professional and down to earth at the same time. His life’s experiences enable him to relate to this demographic in a very powerful way. From start to finish, he kept the attention of our young men and women, they excitedly asked questions and some are now motivated to have a success story just like Gene Mosley. I would highly recommend Gene Mosley to speak to your group with no reservations.” Roosevelt Sargent

Cafe Momentum Case Manager

“Mr. Gene Mosley gave our BMHS AVID Family the gift of his time and wisdom.  Spending an entire day with us, he shared raw personal experiences, building relational capacity and connecting to the hearts and minds of my AVID students.  With a healthy infusion of comedy, he walked the children towards understanding the importance of finding the “value of your life”, so that you can become a valuable success story.  Gene’s “real talk” pertained to never giving up, overcoming fear of failure, and catapulting towards college and career readiness no matter the obstacles in your path.  The young minds, the future of our country, were in Gene’s hands that day, and he handled them with care, answering every question, inspiring and educating young men and women destined to be first generation graduates.  Leaving us to ponder his statement, “I wouldn’t change anything in my life- even the bad.” Heads and tails above all of our speakers for the 2015-2016 school year.  We thank you Gene Mosley!-” Mikki MCcoy

AVID Coordinator for grades 8th-11th

Mr. Gene Mosley’s recent speech at The Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Fred Florence MS entitled Becoming a Valuable Success Story was a huge hit with our students and staff.  The subject matter was very appropriate for our students and it seemed, by their reactions and participation, that they bought into Mr. Mosley’s story and message.  His message of finding value in oneself and being receptive when others recognize that value was empowering to our students and hopefully will spur our young men to make themselves a valuable success story instead of a statistic.  Beyond his presentation, Mr. Mosley was prepared and ready to adjust his presentation to meet our allotted time slots.  He did a great job of editing his speech to hit time constraints and to most appropriately connect to the audience.  We asked Mr. Mosley to give the same speech to three different audiences in back to back time slots.  He was a true professional and delivered the speech with the same amount of enthusiasm and passion each time.  I highly recommend Mr. Mosley as a guest speaker and I look forward to welcoming him back to Yong Men’s Leadership Academy at Fred Florence MS. Kevin Malonson

Leadership Staff Member at the Young Men's Leadership Academy at Fred Florence Middle School

Mr. Mosley, let me take a few moments to share with you some of the feedback I’ve heard from our students regarding your “Red Ribbon Week Assembly” “Mrs. Jones, where did you get that Mr. Mosley from? He was on it! I’m glad he was able to get out.” “Mrs. Jones, is that “Drug Free” man going to come back to speak to us? I missed his show and heard he was good.” “I know someone who smoked for years and was not able to kick the habit. I’m going to tell him about that man we heard the other day. He needs get out of that life!” “Mrs. Jones, I see devastation that weed can have.” I noticed that our students were engaged and listened. I wish we had more time for each assembly so your end message could have been sealed. I have been using part of your message with students who I suspect use… “It’s difficult to control our emotions when you are under the influence of drugs/alcohol. This has been helpful given the students received your message so well. Thank You for being the voice of Realism and Encouragement!

Mrs. Andrea Jones

Red Oak High School Support Counselor


I would just like to commend you on the service of your presentation to our community youth. Our youth needed to hear about struggles and how real they are to everyone, the circumstances of life do not discriminate and you articulated this to our youth! Not only did you show them this, you taught them how they can self correct destructive behavior and prevent it from affecting their future. I would like to thank you for teaching our youth how to be a success story!

Ms. Josie Prachyl

Director of Community Coalitions at Drug Prevention Resources

Mr. Mosley came to share his powerful story at our “Career Day” event on campus. His honesty and ability to relate to others was very appealing to the young men, and they really took well to his words of wisdom. There is definitely a shortage of individuals with the social and emotional intelligence to effectively work with our young minds, but we are grateful that one of the best came to spend time with us and we would definitely have him to come speak again.

Mr. Cornell Lacy

Upper School Mathematics Instructor at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy

I think Gene was very knowledgeable and has some of the best public speaking skills I’ve ever seen. UNT should provide workshops with him leading them because there are plenty of students who struggle with these specific communication skills.

Lan Vu

University of North Texas College of Business Student

Gene impressed me with his storytelling skills and vast knowledge in public speaking and business. I think his expertise would bring so much value to this campus. I will definitely be attending his workshops!

David Kim

University of North Texas College of Business Student


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